Who We Serve

Our primary reason for existence is to provide education which enables both boys and girls to be useful and peaceful citizens in the society.
  • teaching secondary school education in commerce, arts and science subjects following curriculum as laid down by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC);

  • enabling students to acquire the knowledge required for advanced level studies or other career engagements;

  • providing facilities and resources which promote teaching and learning; and

  • encouraging a Christian lifestyle among the staff and students.

  • education results in liberation of people from all sorts of oppression humiliation and poverty;

  • learning is reciprocal, students and teachers have a lot to learn from each other;

  • success in education is a result of strong commitment to work and cooperation between the school committee , teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students;

  • planning is essential in any undertaking of development; and

  • God has a central role to play in all our daily activities.


Our aims are drawn directly from our vision and mission statements and from the aims and objectives of education in Tanzania. Therefore, we aim, through the medium of the English language, to:

  1. Guide and promote the development of students and others in the school so that they are good citizens who are able to utilize their potential to the full and contribute constructively to society.

  2. Promote the acquisition and appreciation of culture, customs and traditions of the people of Tanzania including the centralised study and application of Swahili.

  3. Teach literacy, numeracy, social, scientific, technological, professional and other forms of knowledge, skills and understanding so that students learn effectively from a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which in turn helps them to improve the condition of humankind and society.

  4. Help students to develop self-confidence and enquiring minds, the ability to work creatively and to think laterally and have respect for human rights and dignity in order to meet the changing needs of life in the local, national and global economy.

  5. Assist students to work hard and purposeful and to show initiative for personal and community advancement, national improvement and worldwide harmony.

  6. Promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in the context of the Christian and national ethic, international cooperation, peace and justice and through an understanding of the national constitution and international charters.

  7. Enable a rational use, management and conservation of the environment.

  8. Help students learn the importance of personal health and civic education in order to stay fit and to meet and enjoy the challenges of working life and improved performance in the production and service sectors of the knowledge economy.